The Carollinum Company

We are a Czech, family-owned company, a leader in the retail of luxury watches and accessories on the Czech market. In Prague’s very exclusive Pařížská Street we run the only Rolex mono brand boutique in the Czech Republic. In addition, we have been entrusted with running a boutique for the exceptional watchmaking company Patek Philippe. To cap it all we also have the multi brand Carollinum boutique with a curated selection of timepieces by twelve brands of international renown. 

Our vision

“Carollinum aims to be that unique partner to everyone who wants to discover their passion for the watchmaking art, original handiwork and values that last for generations.”

Tamara Kotvalová, founder and owner of Carollinum

People in Carollinum

Tamara Kotvalová

Owner and founder of Carollinum

Tamara Kotvalová, a businesswoman and owner of the family company Carollinum, started her business career in the field of beauty products retail, followed by a network of jewellery stores she built in Moscow in 1992.

In 1996, she founded Carollinum, a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of luxury watches and accessories. Carollinum operates four boutiques in Pařížská Street in Prague: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling - the only mono-brand boutiques of these brands in the Czech Republic - and the Carollinum boutique, which offers twelve prestigious watch brands. Carollinum is also the wholesale representative of four brands and runs a Watch Service. Two of Tamara’s children, Daniela Jannová and Matěj Kotval, work with her in the company.

Tamara Kotvalová is actively involved in charity, she is an honorary member and sponsor of the Sun for All Foundation, a board member, and a regular sponsor of the Club of Friends of Children's Homes. She is a sponsor of the children’s oncology clinic in Motol Hospital and contributes to the convalescent stays of children and war veterans. She is the recipient of many awards, including the Moral Authority Award in 2019 and 2021 and Businesswoman of the Year in 2006.

Dita Kaňová

Chief Operating Officer
In Carollinum since 2022
“It is an honour for me to be part of the management team of Carollinum, the leader in the Czech market of luxury watches and accessories. What makes the company unique is the professional approach of its managers and boutique staff, excellent relationships with suppliers, and a family-like atmosphere. Thanks to these aspects we can naturally pursue our successful path.”

Kateřina Daňková

Chief Marketing Officer
In Carollinum since 2019
“Carollinum is a leader on the market and creative and innovative marketing is an important part of its presentation. In recent years, the campaign featuring Carollinum ambassadors - friends of the brand, including army general Emil Boček, architect Eva Jiřičná, and prominent Czech athletes – has resonated well among our clients. We are also proud of our company magazine, The Art of Time. Simply put, we live for watches!”

Lucie Beranová

Financial manager
In Carollinum since 2022
“Carollinum is a financially stable company built exclusively with Czech capital. Whether you are our client or supplier, you can always rely on professionalism that is fully in line with the philosophy of the prestigious brands we represent. We are and want to continue to be your strong partner in the luxury goods market.”

Jan Valenta

Brand Manager and Wholesale Manager
In Carollinum since 2003
For more than twenty years, we can be proud of the exclusive representation of four prestigious brands Montblanc, Baume & Mercier, Hamilton and Mido. Our clients come to us when they want to thank their business partner or a loyal employee with a gift of lasting value. They know that at Carollinum they are always sure to get originals that have been skilfully produced in the manufacture famous for its fountain pens, watches and leather accessories, all of which we have in our range. 

Katrin Poláková

Manager of Carollinum and Breitling boutiques
In Carollinum since 2021
"When you enter the Carollinum Boutique, you find yourself in the world of luxury and perfectly crafted timepieces. Our multi brand boutique presents a curated selection of the best products the world’s watchmaking brands have on offer. We are there to do our best to make your shopping experience unique and memorable. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward."

Tomáš Schejbal

Patek Philippe boutique manager
In Carollinum since 2015
Discover the world of haute horology, where men and women can choose from aesthetically refined and technically perfect timepieces. Over 180 years, Patek Philippe has become synonymous with impressive manufacturing skills and constant pushing of the boundaries in the world of watchmaking. The brand is renowned for its exceptional complications and the artistic passion of its master engravers, jewellers and especially watchmakers. Patek Philippe's exclusive and limited production is destined for connoisseurs who can appreciate hidden values. Carollinum is honoured to be the only authorized Patek Philippe dealer in the Czech Republic.

Michal Smíšek

Rolex Boutique Manager
In Carollinum since 2010
Rolex, a legend of the watchmaking world and one of the most prestigious Swiss fine watchmaking brands has only one monobrand boutique in the Czech Republic: at 14 Pařížská Street. Naturally, the boutique’s interior is a reflection of the inimitable style and lofty aesthetic codes of this phenomenal manufacture that can boast a history that is over a century-long. Tailor-made by Rolex designers, the boutique’s interior is in perfect harmony with the early 20th century building that houses it. In the Carollinum Rolex Boutique we provide our customers with an exclusive and comfortable setting that will put them at their ease while meeting the high standards of care and services Rolex is world-famous for.

History of our company

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