When Georges Favre-Jacot founded his own watchmaking workshop in 1865. In the village of Le Locle he had a vision of the largest and most successful manufacture in the world. His dream soon came true and by the beginning of the 20th century, he had cornered all the markets. His Zenith movement was also popular with pilots and aviation pioneers. World War I and World War II the armies relied on Zenith’s precision watches which won numerous chronometric awards. The legendary El Primero movement, an automatic with a frequency of 36,000 oscillations per hour, became synonymous with modern watchmaking in 1969 and the brand also produced it for other equally important companies Today, Zenith is modern and youthful, easily recognisable design makes them a fashion icon.

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Boutique Carollinum
Pařížská 11, 110 11 Praha 1
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