Watchmakers’ Services

We offer a comprehensive range of service and repairs for watches that are under guarantee as well as those that are post-guarantee. We can provide servicing and day-to-day repairs for a selection of fifteen brands. Our workshop for some of the best Czech watchmakers’ can be found at 9, Pařížská St, on the 1st floor.

Why choose the Carollinum Service Centre

Trained professionals
Trained professionals
Our watchmakers are trained at renowned watchmaking manufactures where numerous years of experience and expertise are required to receive their certification.
Professional approach
Professional approach
In a highly convivial environment, we will put together a detailed offer and provide you with precise information about the time needed for the repair as well as its approximate price. We don’t guess or postpone.
Original parts
Original parts
It is out of the question that one of our watchmakers would replace a part with anything but an original part, as this would end the watch’s guarantee, worse still, it may even impede its precision.
State-of-the-art equipment
State-of-the-art equipment
Our watchmakers work with state-of-the-art tools and equipment and renewing these is one of our regular investments. We offer servicing for timepieces by some of the best manufacturers in the watchmaking world and the stringent conditions that they set are binding for us.
Do you have a vintage timepiece at home that was made by a brand Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre or IWC? Would you like to know when the watch was manufactured? We will be happy to arrange for an expert to tell you about the origin and age of the piece. This is because we are well aware that a certificate of authenticity makes every collector happy.
Traditional company
Traditional company
Carollinum has been an active player in watch sales since 2002 and has since gained vast experience and know-how. We have a team of top watchmakers who can deal with (almost) any problem.

Contact information

Monday - Friday 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday closed
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Watchmaking service manager
Jan Kováčik

Caring for your new watch

  • Airports, sport lockers and sinks can be fateful places for watches. If the watch slips off a surface onto tiles in the bathroom, falls on the ground during a security check at the airport or when taken out of the locker, it may have negative consequences for the crystal or, worse still, the movement and the dial. 
  • Mechanical watches are also sensitive to sudden moves during sport, especially when playing tennis and golf. The timepiece’s movement can suffer damage similar to a fall on the floor. 
  • Owners of automatic watches should wear them often, or at least wind them regularly. If the oil doesn’t harden the rotor will keep working. A quality watch winder can help solve this issue.

Why take waterproofness seriously

  • Regardless of the level of waterproofness indicated on the watch, one golden rule applies: residual humidity remains on pushers for two to three hours after use (including divers’ watches). Should you decide to wind the watch or adjust the time and you haven’t pushed the crown down properly before its contact with water, water can get in.
  • Checking for waterproofness is the best kind of preventive care. Stop by at our Service Centre at least once a year. We will carry out a test for waterproofness free of charge.

When you want to have the battery or strap replaced

  • Quartz watches require a battery change every two to three years. Some brands in our portfolio offer high-tech batteries which may keep you running for up to five or six years. 
  • Leather straps will also be subject to wear and tear, a natural phenomenon in leather products. Although it depends on how often the watch is worn, the usual lifespan of a leather strap is roughly a year, two at the most. It is then advisable to have it replaced. 
  • Stainless steel and gold bracelets can be in use almost forever and we recommend them to everyone who seeks timeless elegance and has a practical approach to watches.

An extended guarantee period has its rules

  • Watchmaking brands usually provide a guarantee of two years. Breitling offers a five-year guarantee for its in-house movements manufactured in its La Chaux-de-Fonds manufacture if the watch is inspected at an authorised service centre within two years of purchase. 
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai and Cartier – all belonging to the Richemont Group – have extended the guarantee for all their timepieces to eight years under the condition of an online registration. 
  • Company Rolex has offered a five-year guarantee since 2005 and applied it to its daughter brand Tudor in 2020.

It pays to read the user manual 

  • Your watch is presented in a box with a certificate of authenticity and user manual. 
  • We recommend not throwing the box away and reading the manual and even keep it for future reference as it may come in handy if the watch is not worn over an extended period of time. It is normal to forget how to set the date, alarm and calendar and this is where a user manual can serve as a useful reference. 
  • If the watch has more complex complementary mechanisms that are adjusted in an unprofessional manner, the damage done can be irreversible and any subsequent repair may become unnecessarily costly.


  • Some brands, such as the Swiss manufactures Jaeger-LeCoultre, Baume & Mercier and Cartier, leave space on the caseback for engraving. 
  • We offer an engraving service for our customers who would like to have a wedding date, the birthday of a child or a message for a beloved person engraved on the timepiece’s caseback. At Carollinum we have one the best engravers in the country who will happily personalise the watch for you, thus leaving a lasting memory that will always be connected to your family. 
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