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Carollinum is a leading distributor of luxury watches, writing utensils, leather goods and accessories in the Czech Republic. We are an exclusive wholesale representative for the Czech Republic for Montblanc, Baume & Mercier, MIDO and Hamilton.

We represent the following brands:

Our team


2003 年加入 Carollinum 卡罗王
许多客户向我们致电,希望能够选用具有持久价值的礼品向他们的商业伙伴或工作人员表达谢意。他们深知,选择 Carollinum卡罗王,他们获得的都是与我们出售的其它著名品牌钢笔、手表和皮革制品来自同一工作室的独创产品

Marie Kaněrová

I will be happy to provide you with information on the availability of goods, I also provide logistics, invoicing and distribution. In the wholesale department, my task is to make everything work perfectly. I will take care of orders for Montblanc, Hamilton, Baume & Mercier and MIDO and their smooth processing for you.

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