How does Safe Shopping work?

At Carollinum we are quite sure that shopping watches online without offering customer the possibility to see and experience the timepiece on his or her wrist doesn’t rhyme with the luxury goods segment to which the brands represented in Carollinum’s portfolio belong. That’s why we want to make your shopping experience more pleasant, despite all restrictions currently in place.

Safe Shopping does not include Rolex and Patek Philippe watches.

1. Choosing your timepieces

Choose timepieces and accessories in their dedicated section at from the comfort of your home or office. Then click “Safe Shopping” and fill in the form that will appear. By clicking “Send” you submit your request. It’s now our turn.

Choose your timepiece
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2. Personal delivery

After you send the form our boutique manager or one of our qualified team members from the Carollinum store will contact you. During the phone or video call the model you requested will be presented to you; or, should you like, any other alternative to it. We will agree on terms of sale and, in case of your approval, will set a time of personal delivery. Delivery can be made within 48 hours from sending the request.
Concierge servis Bezpecny nakup hodinek a doplnku Carollinum

3. Personal presentation or contactless delivery

We will bring the timepiece(s) of your choice to your home or office and we will look at them together, wearing gloves. You can try them on to see how a model fits your wrist or how heavy it is. We can also compare several models and look at their differences and advantages. If you like a specific timepiece we will be happy to explain its functions and advise you how to set and operate it. We don’t think of time when discussing watches with you: selling watches is our passion. It is up to you whether you just want to have your timepiece delivered or opt for a personal presentation.
Nakup na dalku - Bezpecny nakup

We observe strict hygienic measures: the visit will take place in compliance with the latest government restrictions (use of a respirator, disinfectant etc.)

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