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Only few brands were able to do, what Montblanc did in the field of writing instruments. Their visionary approach to writing, timeless design and uncompromising quality arouse admiration since 1906 all around the world. Become a part of the chosen society of those who use luxury pens with the iconic star thanks to Carollinum.

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The special edition pen tip which was gifted to William Shakespeare.

The brand Montblanc became popular in Carollinum thanks to its precision with which it approaches each of its products. Details are important and Montblanc is a champion in respecting this fact.

We will help you in Montblanc boutique with finding the pen which is the most suitable for your personality and lifestyle. All models can be seen in our collector’s room which is much more superior to any internet showroom.

Besides pen, we will also equip you with all other necessary accessories with which Montblanc pushes the boundaries of the culture of writing.

Classic and special editions

The first Montblanc pen was launched in 1909 and pens are still one of the pillars of the product’s brand. Montblanc holds in this field an unshakable position and to sign with a pen bearing a star is a silent expression of good taste and respect towards the continuing tradition, part of which became the most prominent politicians, entrepreneurs and artists.

Iconic Collection of writing accessories is undoubtedly the timeless series Meisterstück, the first specimen being the fountain pen Meisterstück 149-archetype of a luxury pen and a legend in its field which has been owned e.g. by president Kennedy. Models of this series are perfectly recognizable and are far beyond the scope of a functional object. It is a part of image which confirms high standard of its owner.

Lovers of interesting innovations will come to their own for example in the StarWalker edition which pushes technological boundaries of production per. Collectors then appreciate rare pens from limited editions dedicated to famous writers or personalities of 20th century.

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Come to visit our boutique and discover the widest assortment of luxury writing accessories, leather products, watches and jewelry Montblanc.

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