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Details. The key to authentic personal style lies in them. Briefcases, wallets, diaries and other accessories. Everything must be perfect. An icon of classic elegance with a reputation of a master in this field is Montblanc.

Distinguished design with an emphasis on uncompromising quality of processing and minimalistic approach to luxury has rightfully stars in its sign, which has gained a position of decent symbol linking lovers of sophistication. It isn’t really a star, but the snowy peak of the highest mountain in Europe which is Mont Blanc, after which the brand is named.

Synonym to prestige

Origins of Montblanc date back to Germany 1906 when the company was founded as a manufacturer of exclusive needs for powerful men of the European era of progress. In the spirit of classics from the workshop Montblanc is design of leather products focused solely on elegant craftsmanship of premium quality leather which combines Italian science with proverbial German precision.

Come to boutique Montblanc and get yourself a baggage which suits your lifestyle. Briefcases, backpacks and travel bags Mont Blanc are distinguishable by sophisticated interior layout, which is carefully developed by designers with regard to a specific use.

The only boutique in Czech Republic

Come to visit our boutique Montblanc and discover the widest assortment of luxury writing accessories, leather products, watches and jewelry.

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