About Carollinum

CAROLLINUM s.r.o. was established in 1996, when it became the exclusive authorized dealer of Montblanc in the Czech Republic. Carollinum has since expanded its collection to include leading luxury watchmakers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breitling, IWC, Cartier and Panerai. Carollinum is an authorized dealer for 16 brands. The company’s portfolio of four retail shops includes the only Rolex and Patek Philippe boutiques in the Czech Republic.

People at Carollinum

Tamara Kotvalová

Owner, Carollinum, s.r.o.

Tamara Kotvalová is the owner of CAROLLINUM s.r.o., which she established in 1996. She has been named Woman of the Year in the Czech Republic and Forbes regularly includes her on its list of the 50 most influential women in the Czech Republic. 

Actively involved in charity work, Tamara Kotvalová is an honorary member and sponsor of the Sun for Everyone Endowment Fund and a board member and regular sponsor of Klub přátel dětí dětských domovů (Friends of Children in Institutional Care Club). She sponsors the children’s cancer unit at Motol Hospital and makes charitable contributions towards convalescence holidays for children.

Lukáš Cyrankowski

Financial and Operational Director
At Carollinum since 2018

Not only in financial world the famous saying, that time is money applies. This is true for mechanical watches twice as much. Luxury watches do not lose their value, quite the contrary, they can be recommended as an investment opportunity with esthetic value.

Corporate and customer service

Have you discovered your passion for watches or other luxury goods? Would you like to learn more, do you need assistance making a selection or would you like some recommendations? Our managers and their teams stand ready to provide you with impeccable service and comfort.

Klára Poláková

Manager, Patek Philippe, Rolex
At Carollinum since 2007
E-mail: k.polakova@carollinum.cz

Producing luxury watches involves meticulous, fine work. A lot of time and care is behind each watch. We try to make sure our approach to customers equals this level of commitment, and we want their visit to our boutique to be an unrivalled experience.

Martin Janna

Manager, Carollinum boutique
At Carollinum since 2013

E-mail: m.janna@carollinum.cz

Boutique Carollinum is a gate to the world of finest watches, where we will help each customer with choosing the ideal watches that match his or her personality, preferences and hobbies. We choose carefully for you from available models to strictly limited editions. Thus we are the only place, where you can gradually discover the beauty of traditional watch brands in a pleasent enviroment.

Jan Valenta

Corporate clientele
At Carollinum since 2003
E-mail: j.valenta@carollinum.cz

Clients contact us who want to thank their business partners or staff members with a gift of lasting value. With Carollinum they know that they will receive original products that were produced in the same workshop as the other famous pens, watches and leather pieces that we offer.